Stummer Dental Team

Laura Stummer

Laura – Office Manager

Laura is a Kenosha native and has also been with Stummer Dental since 2012. She graduated from UW-Eau Claire with a B.S. in Biology and worked at Abbott Laboratories for 18 years. Laura loves to meet all of the interesting patients who come to Stummer Dental. She assists them with their dental needs, including helping patients navigate through insurance details. She encourages patients to have their teeth treated as soon as decay occurs because waiting risks losing teeth that should be kept forever! Laura is married, has three girls and likes to spend her free time reading, gardening, traveling and digging into genealogy.






Patty – Office Manager

Patty shares the responsibility of keeping the Kenosha and Racine offices running smoothly and has been with Stummer Dental since 2012.  She is a native of Kenosha and proud to be a south side girl! Patty greets patients, schedules appointments, assists with insurance and encourages everyone to brush and floss daily to prevent future dental problems. Patty spends her days off managing her properties and has her real estate license! Patty is married with three great kids and enjoys decorating along with reading, biking, walking, gardening, travel and spending time with her family.





Chris – Dental Hygienist

Chris is a registered Dental Hygienist and has been in the dental field for 25 years, working as a Dental Assistant for both dentists and oral surgeons. She started working for Dr. Stummer in 1994 as a Dental Hygienist and brings all of that experience to her patients each day. Chris is a graduate of Gateway Technical College and Milwaukee Area Technical College.  Chris is known for her gentle techniques and is willing to “think outside the box” to give her patients a great dental experience.Chris is interested in how medical conditions and medications affect the mouth and looks for signs of diseases that often appear in the mouth first. She is also very interested in Sleep Medicine and reviews her  patient’s health history as part of determining their sleep health. Chris is a lifelong resident of Kenosha and is married with two children and loves tennis, golf and jogging.




Ann – Dental Assistant

Ann is Dr. Stummer’s assistant and right hand. She has worked for Dr. Stummer since 2005 and has been in the Dental field since 1995, after receiving her Dental Assisting Diploma from Gateway Technical College. She is also a Kenosha native, although she spent part of her childhood in New Mexico. Ann comes from a large family that she truly enjoys and also loves to golf, read, bike, shop and scrapbook. The thing Ann loves most about working at Stummer Dental is being able to transform someone’s teeth into something that they are proud of and gives them confidence. She tells people that it is never too late to get the smile you have always dreamed of!