I needed restorative dentistry. I had a wonderful dentist in Chicago. He helped me with everything but my teeth were loose, falling out, shifting. I never smiled. I had trouble chewing because I could only chew on one side. I was worried about the other teeth breaking as I was chewing. It was really a problem.

When I came to Kenosha, what I was looking for was someone that was as good as my dentist in Chicago. So I did a lot of research on the internet and I found that Dr. Stummer was very practiced in restorative dentistry work and so I thought I’d give him a try. Not knowing if he could help me or not.

My first impression was that everyone was very friendly and warm. I have found this throughout Kenosha. I love Kenosha. People are so friendly. I just love it. I don’t miss Chicago at all.

Dr. Stummer and his staff are so wonderful and helpful. When I talk to him about what I needed, I told him that there was nothing that could be done because my teeth keep shifting and moving, no matter what you do, they’ll just shift and move. Dr Stummer said “I can fix that”. He said we’ll just put a permanent bridge all the way around, no problem.

It was a long process. I said “Let’s go for it!” It took many months of coming in and being fitted, being checked. Dr. Stummer was always really, really careful to make sure my bite was proper, that everything was checked and lined up properly. He was filing down and fixing.

Everyone was so supportive. Ann was really helpful and Laura was wonderful. Everyone was on my side. I have my new smile and my permanent bridge which will in place. I said – all I need is 25 years and I’ll be happy.

Now I can eat, I can chew. I don’t worry about my teeth. I didn’t realize until after I had the bridge in my mouth in its permanent position, how careful I had to be with eating and chewing and cleaning my teeth and only using one part of my teeth.

It has really changed everything. I’m not afraid to smile anymore. I give people big smiles. Would I do it again? Absolutely, I would do it again and I would like to recommend Dr. Stummer and his staff to everyone. They’re just wonderful here. He is so professional and so knowledgeable and he knows how to do this. He has done restorative work for a long time. I highly recommend him.

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