Insurance and Payment Planning at Stummer Dental

Insurance is often difficult to understand and sometimes unpredictable. At Stummer Dental we do our best to let our patients who have insurance know what the insurance will pay and how much their out-of-pocket will be prior to any work being done. We accept all insurance at Stummer Dental with the exception of state insurance, Medicare and Medicaid when it comes to dental work. We do accept Medicare for Sleep Medicine payment.

Dr. Stummer is a preferred provider in the Delta Dental Premier network. He is also a preferred provider for United Healthcare and Cigna Dental. Stummer Dental carefully chooses the insurance companies with whom we contract. We have tried to choose insurance companies most commonly used by employers in this area, with consideration given to the fee schedule we agree to accept. Most insurance companies do pay 100 percent of cleanings, exams and x-rays, whether in-or out-of-network.

Dr. Stummer works very closely with local labs to ensure the highest quality work and materials. Since dental overhead is upwards of 60%, we cannot accept the low fees that many insurance companies offer and still give each case the time and attention required to achieve the excellent results our patients have come to expect.

Stummer Dental offers Care Credit as a first option to our patients who need work that they would like to pay for over time. We can do applications for our patients on-line with a minimum of information from the patient. We also offer short-term payment plans for long-standing patients. We  accept credit card payments and can set up automated payments for our patients’ convenience. We  request that all payment plans be set-up prior to work commencing as, otherwise, payment is due on the day of service.