Extensive Dental Work can Cause Anxiety!

Nicole was born and raised in Kenosha, WI. She needed a dentist that she could trust and a team that would make her feel comfortable. Nicole knew she needed extensive dental work, she knew she needed to make a lot of tough choices. She chose Stummer Dental because they worked with her every step of the way.

The staff went out of their way to greet her by name and make sure she felt comfortable. She was given enough information to make good choices. She was able to work with the team to make cost effective choices too.

Here is Nicole’s story:

“My name is Nicole. I work as a receptionist/administrative assistant at a local skilled nursing facility. I am a mom of one seven year old little girl and a wife. I was born and raised in Kenosha and I came to Dr Stummer as a referral. I was looking for someone who would make me comfortable with the choices that I had to make, extensive dental work needed to be done and I wanted someone to help me through the process and make me confident in my decisions and know that I was making the right one.

I loved his office, I loved his staff. I thought that every time I came in, they knew my name and I didn’t know anybody yet! It was very welcoming. It was very friendly and also very patient because I was nervous and I was scared to make such drastic dental decisions. The comfort and support that they offered me through these decisions, what needed to be done was outstanding. They guided me, and helped me make the decisions by letting me know what different plans I could choose and how it would be cost effective and how they would be long term effective.

I am very confident in my new smile! Prior to this, all of my front teeth were stained. I was very uncomfortable and I would hardly ever smile. I recently had them done before going on a great family vacation and there were thousands of photos taken. I had to constantly remind myself – You can smile! It’s ok!

I really think it helped me get a job where I am now. I am in front of a lot of people on a very regular basis and presentation is everything. I would do it again. It was hard, I’m not saying everything was easy but the steps certainly made it much more comfortable along the way.

To find the right dentist, to find the right situation is unique to everyone but fortunately, I came to a good place that was referred by other good people, with amazing results!”