Stummer Dental has extensive experience in mini implants

You may have heard of dental implants, which involve the installation of an artificial tooth root into your jaw to create a stable foundation for a replacement tooth. We are proud to say that our office has taken this technology one step further by offering “mini-implants.”

Mini-implants benefit denture wearers by providing a secure base for the dentures. No more loose or ill-fitting dentures!    Here’s what we’ll do.  Dr. Stummer will assure that your dentures fit properly and then insert the implants into your jaw. No cutting of the gums or stitches required!  Then he will adjust your dentures to accommodate the implants and allow your dentures to be snapped into their secure new base.

It all takes about an hour and you will walk out of our office with stable, secure dentures attached to your mini-implants and a big smile on your face!

Dental implant