Dentures & Partials

Stummer Dental Specializes in Dentures and Partial Dentures

Dentures, sometimes referred to as “false teeth” replace natural teeth. If the denture replaces all of the teeth they are called full dentures and if the denture just replaces one or some of the teeth, a partial denture. Dr. Stummer has years of training and experience in making dentures that fit well and look very natural. One of Dr. Stummer’s main objectives is to make dentures that look like real teeth and create the smile that his patient wants. Patients even have a chance to preview their dentures and request any changes to the look and feel of the denture. Dr. Stummer is an expert at determining the proper size, shape and placement of each tooth.  He works closely with a small, precision lab in Wisconsin to assure that each denture is just what the patient has in mind.

Partial dentures are a great alternative for replacing one or more teeth if affordability is a priority.  Other options are more permanent, such as a bridge or implant.

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