Dental Veneers

Stummer Dental offers expert Dental Veneers and Tooth Bonding

Dental veneers and bonding are generally considered cosmetic dentistry. They are both used to improve the appearance of the teeth that are visible when you smile.  Bonding and dental veneers are used to reshape teeth, make them appear larger,  eliminate discoloration, repair teeth that are chipped or worn down. They can even fix misaligned , uneven or irregularly shaped teeth.

Bonding can be done in one dental visit with little preparation to the teeth and is much less expensive than veneers. Bonding is not as strong as veneers and may become discolored with time. Bonding will break if teeth are used to open things, chew extremely hard foods, or if one grinds or clenches teeth while sleeping.

Dental veneers are made of porcelain that is more natural looking because they reflect light similar to the way that natural teeth do. Dental veneers can be made to match other teeth or achieve whatever color is desired. Much more planning and expense are required for the use of veneers, but the results are dazzling.  One issue with veneers is that they cannot be reversed as the surface of each tooth must be “shaved off” and the wafer thin veneers bonded into place. Dental veneers do not discolor as bonding will and last much longer. As with bonding, great care must be taken not to chip or dislodge the veneers. Biting very hard food,  using teeth for opening things and biting nails are strongly discouraged. People who clench their jaws or grind their teeth should wear an occlusal guard whenever sleeping if they have bonding or veneers.

Bonding  color match