Dental Crowns

Stummer Dental offers Precision Dental Crowns

The dental crown of the tooth is the top, visible section of the tooth. If something happens to that clinical crown, a new crown is placed over the tooth to restore its form and function. Dr. Stummer will recommend a crown in situations where there is advanced decay or when a tooth is cracked in order to prevent further damage to the tooth. If  a root canal has been done a dental crown is often necessary to protect the tooth. Sometimes a dental crown is used to improve the aesthetics of a tooth. If you need a bridge to replace a tooth, you will also need dental crowns on the supporting teeth to hold the false tooth or pontic, in place. In the case of dental implants, a crown is the final restoration done to replace a missing tooth.

Dr. Stummer works with a local lab technician who is very skilled at making crowns that fit well so as not to allow bacteria and food to get under the crown. Our dental crowns are made from high quality materials that will last a long time. Dr. Stummer uses porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns in most cases. To have a crown made, the tooth is prepared, sometimes by shaving a bit off or by filling large missing portions, and then an impression of the tooth is made. From this impression, a temporary dental crown is made and placed for easy removal. If Dr. Stummer is concerned for the health of the tooth, the temporary dental crown may be left in place longer to ensure that additional procedures are not needed prior to placing the final crown. The permanent crown is usually ready in about 3 weeks and is put in place during a short visit to Stummer Dental.