Before & After Dentist Results

Before and After Photos

Actual Patients of Dr. Stummer

Before – Patient wanted minimal work for maximum results. Her teeth looked aged and worn.

After – Dr. Stummer simply contoured her teeth to look more youthful and feminine. 

 before & after #1

Before – This is a photo of an implant onto which a crown can be placed.

After – This is a photo of the permanent implant crown having been placed on the second tooth from the back.

before & after #2

Before – Patient’s teeth are decaying. Dr. Stummer suggested starting treatment on the upper teeth.

After – Crowns were placed on seven of the upper teeth, in order to preserve the structure of the teeth. Additional work on the lower teeth will be done in the future.

before & after #3

Before – There is a large gap between this patient’s upper front teeth. His teeth are stained and decay is evident.

After – Dr. Stummer placed veneers on the upper seven front teeth. In this picture, the gums are not fully healed, but the result is a very handsome smile!

before & after #4

Before -This woman’s upper front teeth are stained, angular in shape and her gums are receding. Crowns to enlarge, whiten and for soften the edges of her teeth are recommended by Dr. Stummer.

After – Dr. Stummer completed these crowns on the top front 6 teeth for a beautiful smile.

before & after #5

Before – This patient’s upper teeth are stained and chipped. The patient wanted to improve his appearance.

After – Dr. Stummer placed four crowns on the upper central teeth for a huge improvement to his smile!

before & after #6

Before – This older lady wanted to improve her smile with the most conservative treatment that would get her the biggest bang! She had stained teeth and several corroded fillings. Dr. Stummer addressed the top teeth since they are the most noticeable.
After– Dr. Stummer suggested whitening her teeth first so that the crack in her front tooth would be less visible and so the crowns on the most damaged would match her newly whitened teeth. He then made her two crowns to cover the most damaged teeth. Lovely results with minimal treatment.